X-Mas Gifts for Closes Buddies! (on cp)

Time for X-Mas Gifts for  a few closest cp buddies

Gally!- you get a cute Jewel!

Shiver!- you get a SNOWMAN!

Muddy- you get a chocolate cake!

Jake- you get uhhh chocolate heart?

Pink!- you get a big milk chocolate snowflake!

Pup- you get a puppy!

ppl i no if u r not here dont worry u have next year!


7 Responses

  1. Omg ribbon where have u been! MY and muddboy missed you! If you ever wanna play with us on xat, we now go to xat.com/stuartputt 🙂

  2. nice picture of cake im using it for my italian project meet me btw im fluffy 1835 on cp meet u there i usually go on alaska

  3. hi i really like the picture muddy chocoate cake can you please send me the recipe thankyou

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  5. i love heart cake

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