Sorry for not posting

Hello Everyone!

Muddgirl here saying im sorry for not posting on here much. I have been really busy since im now back in school. I will post more when I get the time. Just wanted to say that Ribbon is a great friend. Keep up the good work ribbon! Dont forget to check out all of Ribbons pages!

Waddle on and on and on…..



The Shocking Truth Of Vader2006

This is From Muddgirl4000’s blog at

Hey everyone!
I have some exclusive news about Vader2006. Is he Gizmo or is it just a lie?
Well, It was JUST A LIE!
Vader told me the whole story about being Gizmo and how he lied.
I even have proof!
Here is a video I made that shows proof that Vader really isnt Gizmo:
He also said that he is sick and tired of being called Gizmo. He asked me to make the video above to stop the lies all togethor.
Please copy the video above and post it on your blog for the lie to die down.
He said that he is very sory about the lie and he is a very nice penguin so please help.
~Here is some proof of this being real if you think I just made this all up~
Here is Vader on My Buddy List:
Here is Me and Vader talking about the lie:
Thanks for reading (P.S. None of this is a lie. I promise)