Funny Pictures!

Woah this person won the lottery!

Weird his hair is moving (srry manx!)


Look at that dance lol itz me Ribbony123


The puffle is jumping wow i never knew tht! ( srry dippy)


She can get up but cant get down!


Eeek what a mean fish rofl!


What! only green


Uh maybe YES wait NO! cuz i dont want TO BE A MURDER!!!!!!!!!! (sorry itz small,fat and blurry)


Wow! Golly tht must hurt ribbony!

funny pic 7

more coming soon!


8 Responses

  1. Dude! That last one is sooo like u Ribbony…

  2. uh…yeah?

  3. ……………. heheh, um, why cant you get down when you can click?

  4. loooks like it’s you

    if you know ALL ABOUT CLUB PENGUIN, you should know how to get down from there!

    • dude this is a funny picture!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Soo yea even though i no a lot of things bout club penguin

  5. duh…..:P

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