Club Penguin Missions

( Mission 1 through 9 coming soon!)sorry for the inconvience

Mission 1 (Case Of the Missing Puffles)

1. talk to aunt arctic

2. Go to the ice rink, click the right arrow intil you see some puffle pictures on the ground

3. Pick it up and put it into your inventory

4. Go back to aunt arctic igloo

5. Give her the pictures

6. Go to the Sport Shop

5. Talk to the man on the counter

6. Then when he ask you How Many Sock Do I own?

6. Go to the pet shop

7. click on the piece of paper next to the puffles

8. Crack the code with the help of the the code decoder

9. After you crack it go back to the man

10. Take the number in the code

11. And type it in the number

12. After that and when he opens the cabinet for you

13. Take the 2 items and put them into your inventory

14. Go to the Iceburg

15. Talk to those penguin stranded on the a piece of ice in the water

16. Take out the life shooter the one wit the ring and

17. click on the penguins wit the thing

18. According to the wind shoot the tube to rescue them


19. After that click on the green penguin and talk to him

20. Then go to the Mountain click on the crying brown penguin

21. Talk to him then click on ur spy phone

22. click tools grab the wrench

23. while holding the wrench click on the telescope

24. look through it and then click on the map

25. go to the tallest mountain

26. Grab the rope thing and press the top of the mountain

27. Go up there

28. Then you will find the puffle!

29. Then you will be automactily send back to aunt arctic iggy

30. Finish talking with her and collect ur reward 😀

Mission 10(Waddle Squad)

1) Talk to G

2) go to the dock

3) talk to the jet pack dude then go to the LIGHTHOUSE to get the barrel of Cream Soda

4) talk to jet pack guy again and then give him the cream soda

5) to do the cup thing look below


6) go to the dock and talk to the guy with the rope and ask if u can have the rope

7) go bac to the HQ and get the solar panel(next to G)

8. go to the gift shop talk to the worker and then talk to clothes, balls, and table

9) go outside and put the table on the right hand side of the shop then put the clothes and balls on top of it

10) go bac inside the shop and find Rookie talk to him and put the solar panel on the edge of the magnet.

11) click on the circles (all) til it looks like this shown below

12) go to into the night club and get the rope and put it on the pulley.

13) open ur spy phone and get the wrench and click on the metal box to unscrew it

14) fix the machine then when ur done go outside to the town

15) when ur phone rings then go to the dock stay there intil u see Klutzy dissappear

16) when ur phone rings again to go the night club again you’ll see Herbert

17) then click the cage and it will go on top of Herbert

18) then when Rookie says something like ” this wont hold it very long or something similar to that”

19) move the lights and shine them on the solar panel

20) talk with Herbert and with everyone else

21) keep talkin and then you get ur medal and award


4 Responses

  1. Heyo!
    I just thought I’d let you know that
    step 19, can also have a different
    solution. The way I had solved it,
    I had taken Jet Pack Man’s jet pack,
    and used it to rocket the cage to the
    Just mentioning it just in case you’d
    want to be accurate, and to keep an
    open mind!

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