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  1. Whoa! Ribbony! I like your desktop background! 😛

  2. RIbbony, can you give me your youtube name so i can look it up? i really wanna watch ur videos!

  3. ok thx

  4. no, i could only find the hillary duff “fly” video… send me an email w/ an attachement of your videos!!!

  5. 😦

  6. i put up the link on the site

  7. Ribbony: you messed up in the Bubbly music vid,.
    you said “under covers staying dry and warm”
    when it’s supposed to be “under covers staying safe and warm”
    you also messed up in this part: “makes me crinkle my nose”
    and you always say: “makes me tickling my nose”

    you should take better care of the lyrics, Ribbon.

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