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Review By You

Greetings Penguins!

There were tons of fabulous comments on last week’s Reviewed By You post. It was really cool to see what you guys thought about each of the new possible penguin colors. Here’s a comment we thought was fun:

Coolman said:
i like…ALL OF THEM its so hard to choose. I like aqua cuz i love the color blue. I like Maroon cuz its a fun bright color! And last but not least i like Lavender because it is a summer color and it is summer! U rock cp!!!!!!!! Untill then waddle on!

Thanks, Coolman. I like all the colors too. They remind me of those salt water taffy candies… Don’t forget to vote in the Forest starting this Friday!

Colours.JPGWe hope you’re loving the Music Jam and we’d love to know what your favorite party area is – and why?

Screenhog on Music Jam

Hey everyone, Screenhog here!

Here’s a quick list of some of the things we don’t want you to miss at the party:

  • If you have an instrument, then you should go to the Lighthouse stage! If you play your drums, tuba, trombone, or any guitar, you can actually hear what you’re playing. Just wear the instrument (only the instrument and no other items) and dance!
  • The Underground Cave has a floor piano! Step on a key. Oh, and the switch on the wall lets you hear other penguins!
  • There are musical icicles in the Mine. Mouse over them!
  • Battle of the Bands at the Snow Forts! The stages are connected to a meter and the one with the most penguins wins!
  • The Music Maker 3000 is back! Last year it was in the Dojo but this time it’s near the Snow Forts. Bring some friends and play giant musical instruments.
  • Keep checking out the big stage at the Dock as it plays music from all of the other stages. (It’s also the entrance to the Backstage.)


We hope you’re having a lot of fun. Let us know your favorite things at the party!

Until then…Waddle on!


~Suki Nguyen~


The Shocking Truth Of Vader2006

This is From Muddgirl4000’s blog at

Hey everyone!
I have some exclusive news about Vader2006. Is he Gizmo or is it just a lie?
Well, It was JUST A LIE!
Vader told me the whole story about being Gizmo and how he lied.
I even have proof!
Here is a video I made that shows proof that Vader really isnt Gizmo:
He also said that he is sick and tired of being called Gizmo. He asked me to make the video above to stop the lies all togethor.
Please copy the video above and post it on your blog for the lie to die down.
He said that he is very sory about the lie and he is a very nice penguin so please help.
~Here is some proof of this being real if you think I just made this all up~
Here is Vader on My Buddy List:
Here is Me and Vader talking about the lie:
Thanks for reading (P.S. None of this is a lie. I promise)