Ribbony123’s Game for Prizes!

This is a page where you can get some cool prizes. To answer question, signup and more just comment with the username you want!

Hi guyz i decide to move the profiles somewhere else cuz itz to crowd here!

The Weekly Question (20 ribbony points)

When did the white puffles started to be seen on club penguin? (year)


Crack the Codes (10 ribbony points each) comment with the codes u crack

Code 1- brxiibcbzoonky

Code 2- niugep

Code 3- 3(12)(21)2

Code 4- giloo

Code 5- 132ibbonyr



click here to play Penguin Rush

click here to play Deep Freeze (only 2 review per game)

click here to play Penguin Arcade

then write a review of it on the comment box

Review Awesome-45 ribbony points

Review Fine- 30 ribbony points

Review ok- 10 ribbony points

Review Horrible- 1 ribbony points


Newest Game search for the icon in the picture below then comment where the icon is (row and column)5 points if correct

icon game `1



Membership(0 in stock)10,000 ribbony points

Coin Code(0 in stock) 9,000 ribbony points

Adding you onto my Blogroll(2 in sotck) 2,000 ribbony points

Free Club Penguin Account(2 in stock) 5,0000 ribbony points.

2 penguins (the others ones i forgot the password srry)

Making a Video With Ribbony123 (2 in stock)


Ribbony123’s Shop (for your profile not real life)

Ribbony123’s Photo(60 in stock)500 ribbony points


Ipod(10 in stock) 624 ribbony points


Goldfish(4 in stock) 203 ribbony points


Red Propeller cap (9 in stock) 458 ribbony points


Blue Propeller cap (17 in stock) 500 ribbony points


Move up 1 rank ( 8 in stock) 750 ribbony points

Mini Jewel (2 in stock) 800 ribbony points


Ultimate Jewel (1 in stock) 1000 ribbony points


Snowmens (6 in stock) 700 ribbony points


Puffles (3 in stock for every color)700 ribbony points (white, yellow, and blue)

blue puffle 1

white puffle 1

yellow puffle 1

Puffles O’s (cost 10 ribbony points)

no picture sorry



1. Blue penguin

2. Red penguin

3. Green penguin

4. Purple penguin

5. Orange penguin

6. Pink penguin

7. Peach penguin

8. Yellow penguin

9. Black penguin


To move up purchase it at the the store, send a funny picture to ribbony at ribbony123@gmail.com. But if you cant do these things dont wrry cuz every 2 monthes i move every player up 1 rank exept the ones who are Brown Penguins!


Open the Box (to play click on one of the boxes and then it will tell you what you won then comment on this page and remember to tell me what you won! (u can only play once a week)this game is free!

Box 1


Box 2


Box 3


Box 4


Box 5


Box 6



71 Responses

  1. cooooooooooool blogggggggg!!!!!!!!!!

  2. for number one: no, the head is the penguin on the screen you meet in mission 10!
    code 2: penguin
    that’s all i know…:'(

  3. wow!

    i cant believe your website has a game too! COOL!

  4. code 3: clqb
    what does that mean?

  5. oh! btw, code two can’t be penguin!
    it is only pengui

  6. yay! ribbony fixed code three!
    anyway, it is now club

  7. Weekly Q: the answer is “stage”

  8. how do you be a member, in the games???

  9. What do you mean, Caitlin? Like, in Club Penguin? Or in other games?

    Anyway, Ribbony, i said in school that i wanted something, but don’t give me anything; i wanna save up my pts!

  10. Ribbony why is the time on your blog wrong. I just made a comment at 6:30 and when I submitted it, it showed up as 1:29.

  11. i opened box five. it said i won 200 points or something. now what ribbon?

  12. here is my review for penguin rush:

    in this game you have to race your penguin to the finish line by speeding down the slopes, diving under water and speeding through ice tubes

    you can play your character as Dasher, Dancer, Donner, or Dudeer. you must beat the other penguins down the hill to beat the game

    overall good graphics and gameplay. i would give it a 9/10 πŸ˜€

  13. code 1: idk
    code 2: penguin
    code 3: club (i used the numbers and letters in the alphabet togethor to get this)

  14. Weekly Q: 11shiver2

  15. dude are you going to check the box websites, ribbon?
    ‘cuz i wanna receive all my stuff!

    • comment on the main site not the secret site o well i check only this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. what rank penguin am i ribbon?

  17. how many points do i have?

  18. ps i opened box 5 again πŸ˜†

  19. here is my review for deep freeze:

    freeze your enemies with your water gun and stop the bad guys from ruining Christmas

    sorta like that old mario game but you are santa πŸ˜†

    kinda good graphics and gameplay. it doesnt get boring

    i would give it 8/10

  20. Code 4: igloo
    Code 5: ribbony123…OBVIOUSLY!

    Weekly Q: iono… πŸ˜›

  21. code 4: igloo
    code 5: ribbony123

    ps i cant emal u a pic but look at my blog in funny pictures

  22. weekly question: 2007

  23. for code 4: igloo
    for code 5: ribbony 123

  24. Icon: column: 1, row: 2

  25. I opened Box 3 and got 120 ribbony pts.

  26. I opened box 2 and received 120 ribbony pts again.

  27. Thanks for blog post. It is really good stuff.
    I enjoy to browse ribbony.wordpress.com!

  28. Ribbony: i opened box 5 and got a blue puffle

  29. wait box 5? thts emty!

  30. No Ribbon,
    you have the titles messed up.
    if you look at it, Box 5 is labeled Box 6
    and Box 4 is labeled Box 5.
    But i opened Box 5 (or in other words Box 6)
    you just have the titles messed up.
    like, when you click on Box 5, it says “Box 6”
    you know what i mean?

  31. hold it theres no typo better get ur eyes wide open!

  32. Yeah! I checked again and opened Box 5.
    It still says Box 6. Sheesh. Zelda229 and I would make great editors for your website Ribbony. Man. You need an editor to check all your typos. *sigh* Seriously, you’d think that since you go to a private school that you’d get a better quality website. :-/ *tsk, tsk* Good luck in the coming years, Ribbon.

  33. No, but i still think that you need better editing on your posts.
    Zelda229 and i would be willing to edit things for you. It’s quite difficult to understand what you are trying to say, Ribbon.

  34. and anyway ribbon. u know i’m right. so just give me my blue puffle already.

  35. HOw do u buy puffle0’s for my puffle?
    and how much do they cost?

  36. OK, i’ll buy one.

  37. I opened box 6 and got a blue puffle. Yayyyy

  38. Opened-Box 3: snowmen.

  39. NO OFFENSE, RIBBON, but can you hurry up and give me my snow man?

  40. Opened Box 2: 10 ribbony pts.

  41. hi, like this site, i wanna send you this funny throw rotten eggs game:
    in http://tinyurl.com/mw5abd

  42. I opened Box 1: 10 ribbony pts.

  43. Hey, Ribbon. You still havent’ fixed that error. I opened Box 5,
    and when I opened it, it said Box 6…again. Anyway, I opened Box 5 (or is it 6?) and got one blue puffle.

  44. Hey Ribbon. It’s been a week now, so i opened another box.
    opened Box 2 =10 ribbon pts.

  45. i want the username koolkrystal.

  46. hello,

    thanks for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

  47. weekly question: year 2008?
    finding the icon: the heart card is on column 2, row 2

    i hope i got the weekly question rite… and u betta give me the points so i can get to a different rank…:D

  48. ooh, i also opened box 3- got 1 snowman

    the codes:
    1. idk
    2. pengui(n)
    3. i dont get this one
    4. igloo
    5. Ribbony 123

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  51. hi,all
    I’m new here
    and I love here

  52. Thanks pertaining to discussing your opinions. I would likely also prefer to mention that game titles have been without notice evolving.

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